Summer shinsa

Summer tests are underway... 

Hot and humid mid 30 degree weather, thick dogi, plus trying to breath wet air through a mask makes for a perfect opportunity to forge that spirit!

The 4 to the left have only been training since April but did a fantastic job. Awesome ukemi!

The Meiryukan Kasukabe, Omiya, Kazo, Fukiage, Kumagaya and Noda tests are all finished. Sakado, Saitama and Nagareyama are left. 

Test results will be up on the Meiryukan HP late next week. Get the password from your instructor.

Wednesday morning Aikido

The hot and humid Japan summer is here! A bunch of visitors at yesterday`s Aikido Meiryukan Omiya class.

With an upcoming orange belt test, we even had 2 kids, now on school summer holiday, join the class.

Also special guests, Murakami sensei and Mikiko sensei, along with the usual crew.

After a thorough warm up of going through 4 of the 6 basic movements, we then went into suwari waza shomen uchi ikkajo osae ichi. 

A fairly simple to remember basic technique, nothing fancy to worry about when it comes to the hands, which works out perfect for focusing on the proper foot/knee work.

Next was ryote mochi shihonage ichi. There were 2 main points - the initial connection and way to use the hips (think kokyuho ichi) during the first diagonal step. Next was the turning back towards our partner part. Very difficult to keep our posture and start the flow again during broken down basic techniques.



Omiya 7/14

Yesterday in Omiya we went through hiriki no yosei ichi, ni as well as tai no henko ichi, ni with a partner. Keeping the connection and proper flow of the movements.

The techniques were katate mochi nikajo osae ichi, ni and shomen uchi sankajo osae ichi, ni.

We tried to focus on the basic points which are related in the basic movements. Turning on our toes, heels down, suriashi etc.



7/4 熊谷 がっちゅう便り


















2021 Meiryukan joint tests/seminar

This post is a couple of weeks late, but better late than never.

On Saturday, June 26th we held our annual Yoshinkan Aikido Meiryukan joint tests and special Ando shihan seminar at the Kasukabe city budokan.

The dojo was open from 12pm for warming up. Rehearsal at 12:45, then we got started at 1:15.

A total of 4 kids tested in front of Ando sensei. 1 for shodan, and the other 3 for nidan. The kids were as genki as ever and did an awesome job!

As anyone would be testing in front of Ando sensei, a little nervous and stiff, however, their basis were spot on and jiyuwaza crisp and dynamic.

Congratulations to all 4!

Next up shokyu. All 3 of them from the Meiryukan Saitama club, and all 3 of them tested for 2nd kyu. 

A few mistakes during the random basic technique section. Lack of concentration or maybe lack of training??

It should go without saying but, remembering the techniques is just the starting point...

There were 2 people who tested for adult shodan. Both have improved, but still a long way to go. 

The form was there, but not the intent. For a blackbelt test, there should be meaning behind the movements, and more importantly, an understanding of the techniques.

To the left is a picture of 76 year old shodan gokakusha Tanabe-san.

Tanabe-san joined the Meiryukan Noda club in 2014. At least 2 classes a week, sometimes more. From the hot and humid summer days to the frosty winter mornings. No excuses, no special senior service, no complaints.

Congratulations! Well deserved!

Finished the tests off with 2 for 2dan, and 1 for 3dan. All 3 of them have really picked up the pace and been working hard the last few months.

Unfortunately 3 months is not enough time to smooth off those rough edges. Especially when the focus is on the wrong places. Lets not forget the "Aiki" in Aikido.

More uke and more jiyuwaza...

After some thorough feedback from Ando sensei on the tests, we went right into our special seminar. The focus was on proper flow of techniques. We have to first understand how to move as uke in order to be shite. The techniques were - tai no henko ichi, katate mochi sokumen iriminage ichi, katate mochi nikajo osae ichi.

Thanks to Ando sensei for making the time to come out to Saitama. Thanks to the Meiryukan instructors for the full day of teamwork. Thanks to the all the students and their families for their effort and support.


Last few days here and there

Sunday morning kokyuho in Kazo. 

Simple concept of not using force against force is easier said than done, however, kokyuho ichi/ni are prime examples of those basics. 

We worked on trying to get a good fit, and keep it, as we raise our hands with either our partner`s push or pull.

With only 3 weeks until the Sakado summer tests, we went right into shinsa geiko following our usual 10 minutes of the 6 basic movements.
In Omiya the focus was on hiriki no yosei ni. Especially the lower body. Turning on our toes, shifting our weight and staying low and balanced. Then we tried to extend those points into some basic techniques.

shomen uchi shomen iriminage ni, shomen uchi ikkajo osae ni

Tuesday, July 6th was the first day back after more than 6 months at the Noda city junior high location. Chiba`s Noda city has been quite strict when it comes to Covid rules and restrictions. Hopefully things remain open...

With some fresh faces coming up from the kids class, we decided to try some adult ushiro waza techniques that they haven`t seen or done in the kids classes.


Nagareyama in Kikkoman 7/3

Today`s Meiryukan Nagareyama class was held at the Kikkoman Arena. Probably due to some facility closures, and other groups battling for mat time, we have had some trouble booking at our regular location and regular times. Make sure to check the schedule before showing up.

This month we have tests, so the kids just did shinsa keiko. Note: one of the boys who broke his elbow (not doing aikido...) still showed up to practice what he could. Nice spirit!

Adults warmed up with some hiriki no yosei, then into one of the harder to understand techniques from the 4th kyu syllabus - suwari waza ryote mochi kokyuho ichi. We worked on keeping our hips and shoulders down while raising our hands properly with our partner`s pull. With each partner being physically different, it is hard to stick to a set form when it comes to kata geiko. Finished the class with about 30 mins. of test training.








いや、皆さんが横綱だと言っているのではないですが、自分より下の級の人に指導をするのは自分への気づきがあり、それが稽古になるということです。ご自身の経験、know-howを伝えてください。ただ、トークばかりだと体力的な稽古になりませんので、山本五十六の言葉じゃないですが「やってみせ 言って聞かせて させてみて」の3つは必ず同時進行で!








Basics in Omiya 6/30

Today in Omiya we worked on the proper timing and positioning of the hands in hiriki no yosei ichi. A seemingly simple movement, however done correctly takes time and effort.

Next, katate mochi nikajo osae ni (standing and sitting). The focus was on the movements between the form. It`s easy to lose connection and flow when practicing basic techniques in their broken down form.  

Finished the class with jiyuwaza. Relaxing and trying to fit with our partner.