Kasukabe 8/27

With what was a messed up schedule through August, the Kasukabe club is now back to regular training through September.

Saturday`s kids are from 9:15 to 10:15, adults from 10:30 to 11:30, every Wednesday adults from 9:15 to 10:15, and mixed classes on Thursday from 5:45 to 6:45pm.

Last Saturday the kids tried their hands at a new technique - shomen uchi shomen iriminage ni. Their back break falls are getting much better. A more confident uke makes things easier for shite.

In the adult class we did some shoulder grasp techniques - ikkajo & sokumen iriminage. We worked on using our shoulder and not relying on pushing or twisting with our hands.

Cool Sunday

Finally cooling down a little bit. Rainy, but mid 20 degree weather. A nice change from last weekend.

Sunday in Saitama we worked on kotegaeshi, both standing and seated. Focus was mainly on the posture needed to keep connection while changing hands during the yokomen uchi version. We also played around with a couple of different udegarami nage.

In the afternoon in Sakado. The kids reviewed all 5 basic techniques from the 7th and 6th kyu test syllabus, then into a more difficult shodan technique. Finished with jiyu-waza.

The adult class spent some time on yonkajo. Shomen uchi yonkajo osae ni (tachi, suwari), shomen uchi yonkajo nage.

The main point was to not to use arm power. Raise up from your center, and cut down by riding your weight.


Saturday and Wednesday

Saturday in Nagareyama the kids and adults trained together for the second class. We first did shomen uchi sankajo osae ni, then suwari waza shomen uchi ikkajo osae ni, anf finished with shomen uchi shomen iriminage.

Mixed classes are a great way to work on fitting with our partner. The big stiff adults need to soften up, while the kids need more power and bigger movements to make things work.

Today in the first class at Noda Shunpukan dojo we went through the basic warms ups of kamae, seiza-ho, shikko-ho, and forward ukemi.

After that, we spent about 10 minutes on proper back breakfalls, followed by another 10 mins. of tai no henko ichi, then into the technique of the day, katate mochi sokumen iriminage ichi.


Training as usual

Tuesday evening in Noda we worked on one wrist grasp techniques. A couple basics techniques, followed by some kaiten nage (3 different variations)

Wednesday morning in Kasukabe we went through some black belt techniques, followed by a few rounds of jiyuwaza.

Wednesday afternoon, back in Noda, the kids advanced class, reviewed 2 basic blu belt techniques, followed by 3 techniques from the kids shodan syllabus, then a couple rounds of jiyuwaza.

Although obon yasumi, most of the Meiryukan classes will be held as usual.

Check the HP scheduule for details.


Kazo 8/7













Don`t forget to do your suwari waza

Sunday in Sakado we worked on shoulder grasp techniques. 

kata mochi nikajo osae ni (tachi, suwari)

kata mochi sokumen iriminage (tachi, suwari)

To completely understand the standing techniques, you need to practice the seated version.

The placement of the weight, use of the hips, angles of the feet, the distance and space between partners, posture and balance, less mobility hence exaggerating bigger movements. All these aspects become even more relevant and apparent while working on suwari waza. Don`t forget to do your suwair waza!


夏期特別講習会 Summer seminar

On Saturday, July 6th at the Kasukabe Budojo we held a 講習会 summer seminar in place of the usual 暑中稽古 summer training.

We were fortunate to have decent, at least bareable weather, that being low 30`s instead of high 30`s. 

About 45 people, both Meiryukan members and guests joined throughout the half day.

The overall theme of the training was つながり "Connection". An obvious important, but unfortunately often forgotten part of aikido practice.

The first class, taught by Jim sensei was for kids only. We went through kaiten dosa, kaiten dosa renzoku, kaiten nage, ikkajonage. 

The 2nd class was a mixed kids and adults class on jiyuwaza. We didn`t just do an hour of free style. We worked on staying relaxed, yet focused while keeping connection between techniques.

The 3rd class, taught by Inoue sensei, was on basic techniques. The starting movement of both tai no henko ichi/sokumen iriminage ichi.

Then on to katate mochi nikajo osae ichi and some fun with shihonage.

After a short lunch break, Jim sensei taugh the final class. This class was just for adults brown belt and up. We went through a tonne of kendori. From basic suburi to different ukemi, into disarming and then continued jiyu waza.

Thanks to all who showed up. Next up Autumn gasshuku?!


Kazo 7/31







今日は、“後ろ足をしっかり伸ばす” をテーマに稽古しました。






















Saitama is too hot!

38 degrees in Sakado last Sunday. A few minutes into kihon dosa and we already had one person down and a couple others on the edge. The Japan summer is no joke.

Due to the temps we slowed the pace of the class and took our time working on details of ushiro waza ryote mochi hijiate kokyunage ni, ushiro waza ryote mochi kotegaeshi ni.

Today was long time member, Ren`s last day. Ren had been training with us since 3rd grade of Elementary school. One of the few to skip  a couple of kyu`s because of his awesome kihon dosa. Ren now in the adult class, still helping out all the juniors. He will be missed by all of us. We wish him the best of luck with his school studies and hope to see him back at the dojo one day.