Friday, July 3, 2015

Ryu Honbu Dojo 7/2

Last night at Ryu Honbu Dojo we worked on yokomen uchi techniques - yokomen uchi hijishime ichi, suwariwaza yokomen uchi kotegaeshi ichi, and yokomen uchi irimitsuki. The last 20 minutes was shinsa keiko. The Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu summer tests are coming up fast, just 2 weeks to go... Everybody ready?

It was nice to see the Aikido College guys (they have their dai ichi test in a couple weeks - good luck!) as well as  current gasshuku visitor Tobias. From next week, regular visitor, Watanabe-san (Germany) will be back here also. If interested in coming and training in Japan, or are already here and just want to spend a few full days training, contact Ryu Honbu Dojo to book your gasshuku.

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