Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Noda (Shunpukan) 12/9

The Meiryukan Noda Wednesday members have their hands full... not only have they been training hard for their upcoming tests next Wednesday the 16th, but they've also been working hard an extra 30 minutes each week with some early preparation for next years Junior Aikido Taikai.

Most of the students just joined a couple of months ago and are already faced with learning not only the stuff that will be on the Winter tests, but also shumatsu dosa 1&2, shomen uchi ikkajo osae 1&2, katate mochi shihonage 2 and katate mochi sokumen iriminage 1.

Next week will be the last Wednesday training of 2015. It has been a great start with this new class and I am looking forward to seeing it progress in 2016. Good luck to everyone testing next week!

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