Tuesday, April 4, 2017


The Japanese fiscal year (April to March) always brings some sort of change...

  - Kindergarten/day care kids getting ready for 1st grade of elementary school. Slowly becoming more independent and social.

 - The former 6th graders then begin junior-high, a whole new daily rhythm, filled with after school studies, clubs and homework.

Unfortunately, because of this, we lose a lot of students the end of March, usually senior students who have been around for years, training hard and helping their juniors.

This fiscal year is also the main pattern for most Japanese companies, meaning occasional job changes, relocation etc.

Here at the Ryu Koga culture club we be losing 2 long time  members.

One who will be moving to Fukushima with his family, and another who will be starting a new hobby from April. Both have been training for quite some time here at Koga, and have been not only progressing themselves, but always helping the new members each and every Friday.

They will both be missed. We wish them the best of luck with their new challenges and hope to see them back at aikido one day.

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