Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Congratulations to Meiryukan Kasukabe's Sato-san on passing his 9th kyu test, and Kudo-san on passing his 5th kyu test. Today they received their certificates from Honbu dojo.

Both Kudo-san and Sato-san come twice a week and arrive at the dojo earlier than I do. By the time I get there, they already have the chairs and table set up and are doing their warm ups.

Sato-san just turned 79, making him the most senior in all of Meiryukan. But don't let the age fool you, Sato-san trained judo and is super strong and genki. He starts off every class practicing at least a dozen front rolls (with better form than a lot of the youngsters).

Kudo-san is the original Kasukabe member, starting 1 month before the rest. With a full collection of Ryu DVD's and plenty of time on YouTube, Kudo-san has been progressing rapidly as well as helping the newer students during training.

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