Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Basics - Hijishime

For hijishime do not try to twist the arm to put pressure on the elbow. If you do this, you will lose the connection with your body and limit the power from your centerline.

There should be no space between your partner's arm and your chest as well as no space between your right elbow and your body.

Your hips should be straight forward with your partner's arm completely fit against your chest.

Your armpit should be closed with your elbow down and hand turned slightly back so uke's thumb is also against your body.

Note: This picture is for mune mochi,and kata mochi. For shomen uchi and yokomen uchi your right hand would catch uke's arm in the crease of your elbow (similar to nikajo osae).

Important point: Your elbow, your partner's elbow and your front knee should all be in one perfect line connecting everything to your center.

Catch from underneath with your hands together and use your wrist to adjust to the length of
    your partner's arm to match up elbow to elbow.

1. Do not bend your left wrist           2. Although catching from below        3. Find the right amount of
    too much or your elbow will              if your wrist is too straight                   bending so that you can
    be on the inside of uke's                  your elbow will end up on the              adjust to the length of
    elbow.                                              outside of uke's elbow.                         each partner's arm.

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