Thursday, April 14, 2016

Noda Shunpukan 4/13

Only a month to go until the 26th annual Urayasu Aikido demonstration. 22 members from the Meiryukan Noda club have applied and training has begun. The kids will be doing a mix of kihon waza and jiyuwaza. Most of them are still beginners, and up until now have been working on mostly basics, so it will be a good challenge for them to try and master a few techniques in such a short time.

The older kids will be doing some of the same techniques but with a bit more flair, plus a longer set of jiyuwaza. As for the adults, it is still work in progress... Not much time left, Tuesdays at Atago, Wednesdays at Shunpukan and Saturdays at Shimizu koen. Get as many classes as you can in. Ganbarimashou!

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