Friday, November 27, 2015

Basics - Kotegaeshi

For the kotegaeshi grip, your thumb should be between the knuckles of your partner's little finger and ring finger. Your arm should be as in kamae and your palm flat against the back of uke's hand.

Your other hand should be placed on top in line with your partners fingers. Again your arm should be relaxed and in the kamae position (shoulders down, chest open...)

Don't grab from the side, squeeze and twist your partner's wrist.
Uke's fingers should be facing upwards.

                             Do not twist your partner's arm
                             to the side. Your body will
                             become twisted and unable to
                             concentrate your power.

For the throw on both #1 and #2 basic techniques,
your body should be in a perfect line towards your
partner. Uke's fingers should be rotating back at
their face with the hands near the inside of your knee.

                             A common mistake is to try to
                             pull the person over. Your hips
                             will become light and your uke
                             will be able to escape.

To turn your partner on to their stomach for the basic
pin - keep your hips down and ride your weight on
their arm as your rotate circularly using your whole
body (don't just twist with your arms).

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