Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Noda (Shunpukan) 11/11

The Noda (Shunpukan) class began in April. I remember just about 2 months ago waiting around to start the kids class... but no kids showed up! There were also a few times before that with just me and only 1 or 2 students. However, since the end of September there has been 1, sometimes 2 students joining each and every week.

With all the new students, the energy level and overall spirit has increased immensely. Not only is everyone getting ready for the winter tests, but we have also added a new class so the kids can concentrate and prepare for next February's Junior Aikido Taikai.

Above pic - Everyone filling out their "keiko cards" at the end of class. They mark down the date on the techniques or basics they practiced during the class. This way they not only remember what they have practiced and/or still need to practice, but also the names and spelling of each movement.

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