Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kasukabe 9/17 & 9/20

Being undokai season, only 2 kids showed up to last Saturday's Kasukabe class. We had some fun and did some weapons. The kids did an excellent job, within 20 minutes they remembered the first 10 moves of 31 no jo.

Tuesdays's adult class worked on shumatsu dosa ichi and ni  - basically the foot work - pivots and the turning on the toes while shifting their weight. After that we then tried katate mochi shihonage ni. All the same basic principles get a bit harder once partnered up. But by the end of the class they pretty much had it down.

Late October is the All Japan demo, fall tests, then early November we will be hosting a beginner self defence seminar, then the Autumn Training camp. Lots of events to come - posts to come!

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