Monday, May 9, 2016

Canada Gasshuku

Just over a month to go until we are off to Ontario, Canada for a week of training and sightseeing.

As for the aikido part of the trip, we will be visiting Kevin Blok Sensei at the Chudokan, Mark Lemmon Sensei at the Seikokan, and also attending the Robert Mustard/ Joe Thambu Sensei seminar hosted by Nic Mills Sensei and the Sendokan Dojo.

With only 5 days actually in Canada we will be squeezing in as much sightseeing as we can between classes. Some highlights will include the Toronto and Niagara falls tours.

Full schedule to come soon!


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  2. 羨ましい!合宿に参加した人は感想文提出してもらいたい。もしくはリアルタイムで映像レポートとか。