Friday, February 19, 2016

Junior Taikai pictures

Here are a few random pics from the Yoshinkan Aikido Ryu 12th annual kids tournament. A total of 260 students from all over Japan came to Urayasu to take part in the half day aikido tournament. 15 members from various Meiryukan dojos participated in this years tournament.

The first round is always the toughest (with almost 70% of the participants being cut). However 14 out of the 15 Meiryukan kids survived and went on to the 2nd round! Amazing, taking in to account that for over half of our kids it was their first time taking part in the tournament and most of them have only been in aikido for a few months. Great job.

8 out of the 14 went on to the semi - finals, and a senior member from the Noda Meiryukan club took first prize in the grade 4 to 6 competition. Congratulations to everyone!

For videos of the tournament check the MEIRYUKAN YOUTUBE PAGE

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