Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Meiryukan Noda Seminar and BBQ


Last Saturday, August the 20th, Meiryukan Noda hosted it's 8th annual BBQ party. This year was the biggest yet - 40 people at the seminar and over 50 at the BBQ! Thanks again to Tanaka chairman and the Noda members and families for all their efforts organizing this event.

The theme for the kids seminar was "suwari waza". Some of the older kids have done a few techniques before, but for most of the newer kids it was their first time. Ikkajo, sankajo and hanmi handachi jiyu-waza.

The first half of the adults class was on techniques from behind - ushiro waza hijishime and aikinage. The last half was on pivoting movements and jiyu-waza. We worked on inviting the attack and then leading our partner.

Congratulations to Nakajima Shunichiro on passing his 3dan test. Shunichiro has been a dedicated student of mine for many years, first at my Kameari location, then to Nishi Kasai and now with us at the Noda club. A force to be reckoned with at the upcoming All Japan black belt competition.

It rained hard during the seminar, but for the most part had cleared up in time for the BBQ. 10kgs of meat, fish, salad, fruit, snacks and a variety of drinks all gone within 2 hours. Thanks to everyone for joining us here in Noda. Next up, Ando Sensei's seminar and the Meiryukan joint tests.


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