Thursday, March 16, 2017

Meiryukan Noda Wednesday class tests

On March 15th the Meiryukan Noda Wednesday kids class had their spring tests here at the Noda Shunpukan dojo.

16 kids ranging from kindergarten to 6th grade elementary school tested for ranks from blue belt to orange (brown belt tests will be held along side the adults this Saturday).
The Noda Wednesday class is split into 2 groups (juniors and seniors). This class is not just split by ranks. The first class teaches just the basics, from tying your belt to proper dojo etiquette, ukemi and kihon dosa. The second class, basic and advanced techniques, as well as a lot of jiyu-waza.
Following the results of this springs tests, along with a meeting with the branch manager, some of the juniors will possibly be moving up to the senior class

Test results will be up on the Meiryukan HP by the end of this week.

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